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He meets up with Van and the gang, who guarantees to protect him and bring him back to Guygalos.With the ancient power of the Deathsaur backing Prozan, and with his flunkie, Raven and Shadow it seems that Prozan will suceed.During an experiment, Zoids warriors from different eras, the Chaotic Century and the New Century, collide.Players take control of Zoids warrior Zeru, who wants to restore the chaos with the help of his friends Van, Fiona and Bit Cloud.Zoids Legacy (GBA) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. On the planet Zi, far away in the universe, there are both good and evil inhabitants.To gain control of the planet, they use mechanized robots called Zoids to battle for control of the world.There are different types of Zoids to choose from, and each one of them can be upgraded and customized.

There, the robots can be upgraded too in different areas, with defensive and offensive elements, for both long-ranged and melee combat.Prior to each match players define the deck command.This affects the entire team, influencing the cash, salvaged parts or offering the possibilities to fuse all Zoids into a large creature.Each turn offers the player to attack, wait (and regenerate) or use an item.Some Zoids are accompanied by organoids, robot friends, that can fuse into the main Zoid for enhanced abilities.

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